Eoin Turner, born 1967, is an Irish artist and designer. His work and commissions are to be found worldwide, as well as in collections across Ireland.His work is much sought after for its fine design and aesthetic sensibility as well as technical precision, using specialist kilns and materials to create designs and sculptures of exquisite beauty, casting glass, bronze and fabricating steel and other composite materials. His architectural installations have adorned places of worship and spiritual sanctuary, many civic and educational workspaces as well as commissions in some of the world’s iconic luxury hotels and super yachts.

Turner studied fine art at Crawford Municipal School of Art graduating in 1988. He then spent the next decade working at sea primarily on fishing boats in Ireland and latterly yachts in the Mediterranean before returning to Ireland in 2000 and setting up with his now wife, painter Lorraine Mullins, a multi-disciplinary 6000 sq ft studio, incorporating glass casting, bronze casting and metal fabrication which is now world renowned for it's monumental glass casting capabilities.The elemental forces of water, light, colour and texture are indelibly imprinted into Turners’ psyche. These manifest in the forms and themes of his work, emerging from notional abstraction into something more visceral and real. Something that allows the work to accumulate layers of meaning which encourages different layers of interpretations to co-exist. A devotee of modernist abstraction which serves as a benchmark for Turner as he explores formal elements to create a distinct visual language of his own. Seeking to capture ephemeral, atmospheric feeling within his work, that is at once dynamic and alive, but also, archaic and enduring.