Irishman Eoin Turner is an internationally acclaimed glass designer & sculptor creating high end installations and sculptures for yachts, private residences and public spaces. 

Turner has two sides to his art, on one hand the artistic flair and on the other he has the structural know how.

While Turner predominately works with glass he also creates & designs in steel, wood and metal.

For Turner and his wife, artist Lorraine Mullins, it is a collaboration process one which sees them working closely with designers & clients to create something special & unique.


'I really enjoyed working with Eoin, his talent goes without saying but he is also very easy to deal with. You feel  confident working with him', Aileen Rodriguez, Rodriguez Interiors, Miami, MY Solange

'There is a good feeling from Eoin's work. It's unique & stunning but it also becomes a real part of it's environment. It brings strength with it', Eddie Jordan